Forbidden City

About Us

To many Western companies, doing business in China and the other thriving economies in Asia is the great imponderable. Enticing... but forbidding. Lands of enormous opportunity... but with seemingly impenetrable barriers to outsiders unversed in local laws, standards, customs and procedures for developing business relationships.

The Cambridge China Group (“CCG”) was created to dispel the mystery of these foreign lands, presenting crisp, timely, indispensable advice to its clients on their crucial business challenges in China and the other countries of Asia. Our specialists have studied China and its neighboring countries for decades and visited frequently; many speak Asian languages fluently.
World-class authorities in our respective fields, we have investigated a wide range of topics and issues on which we have written and lectured extensively, yet we are fully accustomed to shaping our observations to the pressing needs of business.  

CCG has assembled a network of other leading Asia experts from premier universities across the U.S. and around the world. With our deep, expansive knowledge, we can provide up-to-the-minute information and keen insights to illuminate the issues of greatest importance to our clients. Our researchers have deep knowledge of long-term trends and keen insights into contemporary politics and economics.