Forbidden City

Recent Case Studies

Asset Management Company

The US subsidiary of a large international asset management company was seeking to expand into the Chinese market, but found that its formidable size lent it few advantages.  Unsure how to proceed, the subsidiary developed a variety of possible strategies for the parent company to consider.  Before presenting them, the subsidiary retained CCG to rank them by their feasibility and likelihood to succeed.  Two CCG Partners and an outside consultant with long experience in the financial sector in Asia were the principals on this project. We provided an overview of the asset management sector in China, including the political landscape; assembled detailed profiles of potential Chinese corporate partners and acquisition targets; analyzed the strategic options; and provided recommendations.  In addition, during negotiations, a member of our team served as a cultural attaché to the subsidiary’s CEO, staying by his side during his meetings in China. 


International Biopharmaceutical Company

A major European-based pharmaceutical company had succeeded in penetrating the highly-regulated pharmaceutical market in the United States, but found that this experience was no preparation for addressing the Gordian knot of regulations, multi-levels of government oversight and personal connections that dictate so much of what happens in the Chinese economy. This company originally sought to strengthen its brand presence in China by supporting educational research in China and overseas, by courting influential Chinese leaders and dignitaries, and by making a heavy marketing investment to secure sales.  But it struggled to make sense of the heavy data flow about the relationship between business and government in China.  For guidance the company turned to CCG and retained the services of a CCG partner who was especially knowledgeable about the industry.  He was able to provide high-level strategic advice, offer insights into the key players, and helped address the company’s business concerns.